These are Two Things That Always There In Graduation Celebration

Graduation is the most fun and exciting event for students who have successfully completed their education. However, there is one thing that should not be forgotten during the graduation, which is a medal. At can even make the best medal for the graduation ceremony.

These two things are never even absent in the graduation ceremony.

1. The Toga Graduation Shirt
Clothing this one is commonly used and even has become a part that must be worn during graduation. Fabrics along the length of approximately six meters wrapped in the graduation body that long up to the upper border of the knee. Toga is worn after a tunic suit or underwear that covers the shoulders, chest, and back. Toga usually made from satin.

2. Graduation Medal
Equipment this one should not be forgotten. Gordon or graduation medallion is made of aluminum or brass.the form of small metal and flat. Gordon can be a circle, a pentagon or any other form and is equipped with a university symbol or logo on both sides. This medal is attached to a necklace during graduation.