These 6 Benefits of N95 and N99 Masks for your Health

Dizzy, because every day driving or do an activity with pollution and dust? If so, you certainly have to fortify yourself from sharing sources of pollutants that can interfere with health and appearance. Using a mask can be one way to prevent the entry of contaminants into the body. But do not just choose a mask, select a completely safe and can make cool permanent appearances, such as N95 and N99 masks. Unlike ordinary surgical masks, the N95 and N99 masks have a very small aperture filter material. It should be noted, according to research published in The Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, a mask is considered feasible if it is able to cover the entire lower face. Well, masks N95 and N99 meet these criteria so as to protect users from the danger of pollution to 95-99 percent, do not believe it? Please read more information

When you travel, you never know, who is infected with infectious diseases. The use of N95 and N99 masks can reduce the risk of transmission. According to research in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases (2008), masks can prevent flu if used in the right way. Not just because of falling in love, acne can also appear due to a pile of dust and dirt that clog the pores. In addition to diligent face wash, you also have to minimize the occurrence of contact dust on the skin. For that, use a mask when traveling or while in the dusty area. The facial cover can reduce the sticking of dust on the pores of the skin so that the face is kept clean.

Concerns exposed to pollution, sunlight and other air pollutants can be suppressed by wearing a safety mask. By limiting the entry of pollutant particles into the body. You can be healthier and have no fear of contracting the disease. So, no more stress! For motor drivers exposed to more pollution, it is recommended to use N99 masks. While you sit on your back driver, simply wear the N95 because it is not too vulnerable to touch dust or other pollutants. Compared to ordinary masks, N95 and N99 are the slightly higher price. But certainly worth the quality offered. In addition to providing better security guarantees, these two masks are also stylish and reusable.