Do not Do It After Your Car Is Doing Ceramic Coating

Although the method of ceramic coating san diego is more durable and durable than regular waxing, this method has abstinence that should not be violated. Perhaps most car users do not know about this abstinence, so let’s see what abstinence is not to be done as long as your car gets a ceramic coating san diego treatment. You should know that the coating layer of san diego that has been applied to your car will be lost if you do sandpaper paint your car. The activity of doing sandpaper or scraping even with the compound will remove the coating layer. If you like to polish your own car then you have to do it carefully, the article if using a paint polish paint that is hard to paint the car it will remove the coating layer. For example, if we often polish the car body affected by a little scratch with the compound then it will make the layer of coating peeling because the compound has a hard drug composition.

For the solution then if your car has done coating then scratched, ceramic coating san diego suggested to repair car body that scratched and damaged. Then do a re-coating on ceramic coating san diego. Indeed caring for a car that has been done coating must be done carefully, is recommended for treatment for 6 months to check the car body and coating. About the price, you do not have to worry because of the ceramic coating san diego though expensive, you will feel the quality as well. The process takes a long time, it will make car owners tend to be impatient but for the results produced it will be beyond expectations because ceramic coating san diego will make your car body smooth and smooth so that dirt will be very difficult to see especially dust. This will add to your confidence and confidence in driving your car so you will feel that your car can be the center of attention along the way.