The advantages of wooden fences and how to paint them

Wood material is chosen because many people have some advantages such as cheaper price when compared with the fence made of iron and walls. Meanwhile, you may go to if you want to hire the recommended fencing service online.

In addition, the process of making a wooden fence faster so that more can save the manufacturing time so that the cost you spend becomes more efficient and economical.

For those of you who like the natural look, wood-based fences can be the right choice because the wood has a more beautiful look that can be applied in ethnic/traditional style house.

In addition, wooden fences can also be applied to buildings that apply a minimalist and modern style that is currently a trend.

Another advantage of the wooden fence is that it creates a softer impression. Unlike the fence of the wall that looks rigid especially if made with a higher size. Despite having a high size, wooden fences will not create the stiff impression as well as the fence of the wall. Even if you want to create more unique and interesting design variations, wooden fences are easier to apply.

Tips Painting Wooden Home Fence
8 Stages required when painting a wooden fence:

# 1. Protect the entire plant with plastic sheeting around the fenced area if necessary to prune some leaves that will interfere with the job when painting the fence.

# 2. For plants that can not be covered with plastic sheeting Tie the plant with plant ties.

# 3. Clean the surface of the fence from the material that can block paint such as sand or dust with a dry cloth. This is done to ensure the surface of the fence has been smooth and flat in order to get perfect results.

# 4. Apply a primer layer to all fence panels and let it dry completely.

# 5. Use a large brush to paint the fence surface. If the line on the wooden fence moves horizontally, then you should also paint it with a horizontal scheme, and so with the vertical.

Another alternative you can do, you can use specially designed spray paint or a spray gun.

# 6. if needed you can apply a second coat of paint on the wooden fence.