How To Take Care Of Teeth To Stay Good

Do you have dental problems? Visit Gary E Alhadef – Dentist – Dallas TX to get the best treatment. Brushing your teeth well and regularly, for this there are several factors to watch out for:

– Brush selection – Bristle brush should not be too hard/ soft/rare. The tip of the toothbrush and the end of the bristle brush as close as possible, if not the tip of the toothbrush has stuck to the back but the bristles do not touch the teeth, so there are parts of teeth that are not bound. This is usually the wisdom teeth.

– Toothbrush movement – Vertical from the direction of the gum to the tip of the tooth. For the upper jaw from top to bottom. For the lower jaws up. The outer, inner and tooth surfaces that to chew are brushed carefully, do not be too hard, but steady. Gums should be tied to the remnants of soft foods in the neck of the tooth is lost and also we are unconsciously performing massage (massage) on the gums, so the gums healthy, supple and not easily bleed. And again we prevent the occurrence of tartar.