The single and double girders overhead hoist cranes

This single-girder hoist crane type is a lifter and moving tool that can move left, right, up, down, forward, and backward. Installation of a single overhead construction is placed at the top of the room or ceiling of the room. As the name implies the single crane overhead uses only one grider and the rail he used was also single. Single overhead crane construction consists of the column, end carriage, and grider poles. Apart from that, if you need a reliable hoist for rescue ops, just check out the high-quality helicopter hoist online.

In addition, this type of Hoist crane has the same functionality and functionality as the single component crane construction is also the same. What distinguishes it from a single crane is the grider that is used there are two as well as the rail, hence from the crane is called double girder.

There are actually more types of hoists that you can use for many purposes, however, remember to choose the ones that specifically made for your task.