Tasting culinary in Phuket

Apparently looking for food around Phuket is not as difficult as imagined. Lots of good and cheap roadside snacks. My wife and I even determined to try every snack on the streets of Phuket. We had time to try satay sausage, chicken noodles Thailand, grilled chicken and sticky rice, coffee milk, pancake crepes, and much more. The price is relatively cheap ranged between 40-60 baht. In the meantime, you may want to check out the Luxury Private Villa Resort Phuket as well.

But it would be less complete if not try the typical Thai food is very famous in Indonesia. Especially if it was not Tom Yam. We tried to eat Tom Yam at a food court in Jungceylon (the biggest mall in Phuket). Since we are Muslims, we order the Tom Yam shrimp from a kiosk owned by Muslim sellers. The price of Tom Yam is 140 Baht. As expected, Tom Yam from Thailand was wonderfully tasty with large, fresh shrimp, hard to tell in words.

Tips & Tricks: Try to enjoy traditional snacks Thai snacks, do not always eat restaurant food because the snacks have a unique taste and delicious. In addition, to clean, snacks in Phuket is also cheap