A Strategy to Improve Speaking Skill of English

Speaking is one of the skills or abilities in the language. We all know, that a language, consists of four main abilities to listen, speaking, reading, and writing. Visit our website if you are looking for english teaching jobs in thailand .

The best way to learn a conversation is to meet native speakers of English. The main purpose of learning conversation is to be able to communicate using English, anyway. Then the best and most appropriate way is to meet native speakers. We can start by looking for friends through the virtual world, invite them to chat through chat about their daily life. It is not all native speakers, especially in cyberspace can welcome well, but it could not hurt to try to learn.

Can also try to call Customer Service in English service, so we can check the extent to which we are able to communicate in English, also to train the courage to speak in English. Better yet if we have a native speaker acquaintance, or we live in an area that many native speakers encounter. Just try greeting them and chatting lightly, remember find the purpose of learning conversation, that is to communicate with each other.