Do You Like Green Tea? It’s The Right Way To Enjoy It To Reduce Body Fat

Did you know that there are many types of tea that you can consume according to what you need? Apparently, there are many types of tea that you can consume in accordance with the needs and goals you consume. You can also consume skinny fit tea in order to get a goal that matches what you want.

If you prefer green tea as the tea of ??choice, then there are some proper ways to consume tea to reduce fat in your body. Some of the ways in question are

1. No sugar and extra flavorings
Green tea that has been through the stages of factory process has been reduced or comparable antioxidants in it are reduced. Most green tea packed in bottles has been given sugar and artificial flavorings so that only water and sugar remain. Apparently, there are other chemicals also contained in it. In fact, maybe more calories than soda or fruit juice. The most nutritious green tea is a tea that has not been flavored or added sweeteners, so keep drinking tea with the original flavor.

2. Select a Qualified Product
Pay attention to the brand of tea you buy. Choose green tea from a brand that has been trusted because more guarantee the quality of tea leaves. Good green tea products are very minimal or do not use less important ingredients. Keep in mind, there is a price, of course, there is also a way.

3. Drinking Cold or Hot?
According to nutrition expert Keri Glassman, cold and hot green tea remains a healthy drink. But the ice in the drink can melt and mix with the tea water so the density is reduced. It can also reduce the original properties of green tea. So to better maximize the benefits in losing weight, should be served hot green tea.