The difference between Hajj and umroh in its time and execution

Hajj and umroh are both held in Makkah, however, this pilgrimage cannot be done at any time. However, the pilgrimage can only be done in the month of pilgrimage on the date of 9 to 13 Zulhijah. So that the pilgrimage performed outside the moon is not valid, or in other words, Hajj can only be done once a year. While umroh worship can be done at any time other than on the date that is worshiped Arofah on 9 Dzulhijah, the day of Nahar dzulhijah 10 and the tasyrik day that is dated 11, 12, 13 Dhu al-Hijjah. Meanwhile, you might want to check out as well.

Manasik (procedure of execution)

Differences of Hajj and umroh are also found in manasik or the procedure of execution. The pilgrimage has more ordinance than Umrah so that people who have worshiped Hajj also have been practicing Umrah. The umrah pillars consist of intention, thawaf, and sa’i, tahalul or cut hair. As for the pilgrimage all rukun umrah is done and coupled with wuquf in Arafah, mabit (stay) in Mudzalifah and mina, and throw jumroh.