Hajj Preparation You Should Know

Running a pilgrimage requires a lot of preparation. Moreover, worship performed in the Holy Land, Mecca and Medina, this became plenary of a Muslim’s Muslim. No wonder if many people try hard to be able to perform the pilgrimage, because only once in life with a qualified preparation. Here are tips for you, especially if you have selected services from www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages

Update Knowledge of Worship to the Holy Land

While waiting for the departure of the departure to the Holy Land, it could not hurt to update the insight of religious knowledge, especially about the procedures of worship. In addition, you can study at the religious experts, also follow the pilgrims who are required a few months before the day of departure.

Prepare Physical and Health

Differences in weather conditions between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, making the pilgrims need to prepare the physical condition as well. In addition to adjusting your diet, make exercise a daily routine. Then, do not forget to check the health condition periodically. That way, when the day H arrives, both physical and health can be fully prepared.